ANAH kovo s.r.o.
Business and engineering company
General engineering, casting and gardening
furniture made of cast steel
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About us

We are a private company founded in 1990 and focused on general engineering, casting and gardening furniture made of cast steel. Our orientation is heavily pro-export (60–80 % of the production).

Looking for a reliable partner in machining, welding, grey iron casting deliveries or manufacturing of machinery sets?

If the answer is yes, you just found one. The machinery and business company Petr Majer ANAH is focused on expert traditional machining and processing of steel materials and grey cast iron for a wide spectrum of machinery products. We will give your an request expert evaluation and propose the most favourable solution.

We also specialize in complex production of cast iron garden furniture.

Large emphasis is put on quality, meeting the arranged deadline and the most forthcoming possible price for our business partners.


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